Happy womens day!

Our Helen Buteme was interviewed by scrumqueens.com:

„Helen Buteme (Uganda women’s player)
„For women’s rugby in Uganda, I think that the most positive change since I started playing is that we are getting girls into the game younger and their parents are very supportive. We started women’s rugby in Uganda in 2003 and then we mostly had people in their 20s who took up the sport and for most of us our friends and relatives thought that we were crazy. The youngest player that we had at that time was 17 years old and I really envied her all the years of rugby that she had ahead of her. Nowadays, we get girls as young as three- years old holding a rugby ball and running around and I wish I could turn back time. When the young girls understand the concept of passing the ball behind to a team mate they start playing tag rugby, which in Uganda is run by the Tag Rugby Trust, and by the time they turn 12 years old, a good number of the girls have moved onto full contact rugby under the Uganda Women’s Rugby Association and the Uganda Rugby Union. However, rugby is scattered in pockets around the country making it difficult for both age grade and senior competitions to take place due to logistical reasons. Although girls’ and women’s rugby is slowly breaking down barriers and gaining acceptance in Uganda resulting in more young girls and women playing the sport our biggest challenge is retaining these players in the game. Rugby is a minority sport in Uganda, so we do not have the finances to hold regular local competitions to keep girls and women interested in playing rugby and also for the Uganda national team to travel regularly for international 7s tournaments or 15 aside games. Although we have lots of talented rugby players in Uganda, we need more local games widespread throughout the country from age grade to senior level as well as international competitions/games and technical assistance to keep us within reach of the world’s best teams and this can only be possible with increased funding coming to women’s rugby.“"


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